1. Practicing during the summer… I realized I had never animated a runcycle, so now it’s done ! Hopefully soon enough you will see what she’s running to…


  2. "In the name of the Moon !…"

    I watched Sailor Moon Crystal and…. I was quite disappointed. Adventure Time has been confusing for a while, too. So I found myself dreaming about what could have been…


  3. 3D Modeling - character from Julie Yllogique on Vimeo.

    My first modeled character !
    (Can you tell I didn’t know how to rig the face ?)

    Rigged with Mixamo’s Auto-Rigger


  4. My part of the work on Coil


  5. The opening I worked on for 2 months with my team, for the 2014 Annecy International Animation Festival


  6. Magical Girls !
    We’re preparing a little short movie with classmates, so we get to draw tons of cuties like these to decide on a character design.
    Gonna save the world in pink&frilly dresses, you go girls !


  7. We are almost finished with our opening short-film for Annecy’s animation festival, I can’t wait for all of this to be over and to go chill on the grass at Annecy.


  8. A tryout at a gemsona for the Gemfusion project

    (Source: gemsona-week)


  9. Drawing Canyon to blow off some steam.


  10. Moon Animate Make-up time ! 

    This is the first part of my shot, I hope I have the time to inbetween it properly before the deadline. On to coloring the second character !


  11. This girl on the subway was really beautiful


  12. Ginny Weasley for wizarding wednesday


  13. Showreel 2014 from Julie Yllogique on Vimeo.

    I’m currently looking for a 3-7 week long internship this summer ! Please get in touch if you’re interested in my work.


    music: Spiral Arms - FIXIONS fixions.bandcamp.com/album/euphorion


  14. Animating some bubbline for fun (and also to fill the 75 frames long hole in my 2014 showreel)

    Desatured because of tumblr’s uncomprehendable gif limits.


  15. witchsona:

    I’m a simple Kiki-style witch, with a cat that even looks like Jiji ! My bag is alive too and carries a lot of divination stuff.

    If you want to check out my art blog, it’s right this way !

    My witchsona finally showed up in the submissions :)