1. A tryout at a gemsona for the Gemfusion project

    (Source: gemsona-week)


  2. Drawing Canyon to blow off some steam.


  3. Moon Animate Make-up time ! 

    This is the first part of my shot, I hope I have the time to inbetween it properly before the deadline. On to coloring the second character !


  4. This girl on the subway was really beautiful


  5. Ginny Weasley for wizarding wednesday


  6. Showreel 2014 from Julie Yllogique on Vimeo.

    I’m currently looking for a 3-7 week long internship this summer ! Please get in touch if you’re interested in my work.


    music: Spiral Arms - FIXIONS fixions.bandcamp.com/album/euphorion


  7. Animating some bubbline for fun (and also to fill the 75 frames long hole in my 2014 showreel)

    Desatured because of tumblr’s shitty uncomprehendable limits.


  8. witchsona:

    I’m a simple Kiki-style witch, with a cat that even looks like Jiji ! My bag is alive too and carries a lot of divination stuff.

    If you want to check out my art blog, it’s right this way !

    My witchsona finally showed up in the submissions :)


  9. My color scheme these days. My ears were too cold so I knitted a slouch hat from this neon yarn i found on sale. Now I got a neon hat. I love it.


  10. What Have you Done ? (download through the link)

    This article is about my thought process for the artistic direction. If you would like to know more about the game specifically, read the first article !

    Game jams are both a tough and super cool experience, in the sense that you have to think super fast and make no mistake, because you haven’t got time to think everything thoroughly or do over stuff that you’d have screwed up. So, first time has to be the charm. That’s why you need good reference, and as for that I was lucky I had quite a few, and I want to pay tribute to them!

    The theme was “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are”, and it immediately took me to Twin Peaks (since I finished watching it only a few weeks ago). That’s what influenced the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the game - mostly the waiting room. 
    *spoilers for the end of season 2*

    I really wanted to hit the “I am who I want to be” diversifier ( ”The game has characters, but nothing in their design suggests a gender”), which made every character design decision a bit harder. That’s mostly why I went with animal features.

    Since the waiting room part was conversation oriented, what came to my mind was Animal Crossing. 

    Incidentally, the AC games are usually very gender positive and inclined towards acceptance, so there was that.

    Adventure time is also a good example for designs that are not overly gendered.

    So, with these designs in mind, the overall ambiance, and also the inclusive/gender neutral constraint, a great influence was chrysantheb0mb's artwork, mostly stuff that stroke me when I first started following her art blog (1 2 3) and also the great narrative in her quests. Dark, violent and sometimes creepy settings and story counterbalanced by cute animal features  : this great contrast ultimately brings out the power, tragedy and violence of the story, while being really subtle and that’s something I tried to go for.

    Lastly, emily rabbit's wights ( 1  2 ) colors’ scheme and style really inspired me.

    So that’s it for the visual references !

    Since I wanted to make a very narrative game, one of the most difficult things was to come up with a story. The first overall concept was to make the player wait in a room, talking to different people, and the outcome of the conversations would define what the player was actually waiting for. This concept got bent a bit when I had to merge with a team of developpers that had their own idea, so we had to go with it. The asymetric gameplay offered an added depth story-wise.

    So, here’s the story - it doesn’t make much sense since I kinda came up with it as I was drawing/ as the developpers were developping it and didn’t plan it at all : *spoilers ahead, maybe you could play and see if you can come up with your own interpretation* All the characters you speak with in the waiting room are a group of friends. They had rough times, quarrels, and had to overcome a dramatic event (Mono losing one of his legs). Some got pushed aside, alliances emerged, lies too. But in the end, they knew they wanted to stay close, so they all came together in group therapy with the help of Dr. Taylor (player 1). Things are now settled for Ollie, Mono, Ash, Alex and Fran, but the last member of the group, Vic (player 2), didn’t attend these sessions, still can’t overcome what happened and is in complete denial. The playthrough of the game symbolizes how Vic and Dr Taylor come together to finally talk things through. Player 2 (Vic) unknowingly helps Player 1 (Dr Taylor) to get through to them during the game, while story wise, Dr. Taylor ultimately will help Vic.

    The “paintings” you can see in the castle were supposed to hint to the backstory of the characters and their relationship, and look as though they were ‘therapeutical’ drawings made by the characters during their sessions with Dr. Taylor. I drew some of them and made the other members of the team draw the other ones.

    And that’s it ! I had fun working on these characters and I hope I get the chance to write a proper story for them.

    - Please don’t break the gifset, remove credit or the download link to the game. if you would like to reblog the gifset without all the explanation, I suggest you reblog the first post ! - 


  11. What Have you Done ? (download through the link)

    a game developped in 48h hours during the 2014 Global Game Jam in Paris

    This game is multiplayer only (although with some multitasking skills you could complete it by yourself) : player 1 explores a platform level and is helped along the way by player 2, playing a conversation-oriented point&click in a waiting room populated by eerie characters who give them information and help to complete the platform level.

    It was really important to me to hit the diversifiers #7 and #11 (“I am who I want to be. The game has characters, but nothing in their design suggests a gender.” “The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor. The game survives all three conditions of the Bechdel test” ), it was hard keeping a consistant deisgn constraint for all the characters. I hope I have succeeded in making their genders not identifiable nor relevant (although, at least two of them are women since the game survives the Bechdel test).

    The game is currently not really playable unless you have a member of the team to walk you through it, so if you’d like to know the end, you can always watch the ending sequence (spoilers ahead !)


    If you would like to read more about my influences and references for the artistic direction of the game, please click through !

    -Please don’t break the gifset nor remove the credits or the download link to the game from the post.-


  12. Khorkhoreh from Julie Yllogique on Vimeo.

    "Khorkhoreh" is a made up farsi word for "a monster that eats a lot"

    3 week exercise in Gobelins in a team of 5, in which we did everything from pre-production to final compositing.

    Charles Badiller : charlesbadiller.over-blog.com/
    Pierre Butet : pierre-butet.blogspot.fr/
    Magali Garnier : magalinette.over-blog.com/
    Mansoureh Kamari : mansourehkamari.blogspot.com/
    Julie Robert : yllogique.tumblr.com

    Sound design : Camille Giraudeau


  13. Character design - a try at a racially diverse cast of adventurous girls


  14. CATS
    made these fluffies to test my new brush set that is totally amazing
    You can buy it here > https://gumroad.com/kyletwebster


  15. 3D Acting from Julie Yllogique on Vimeo.

    2 weeks long exercise at Gobelins
    Animated in Maya